Leadership Resolution #1: Start With Why

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s golden circle concept and his “Start with Why” book and videos, I decided to incorporate this into my leadership approach.  Also, I want to really put some time and focus on “Finding My Why” as way to be a better person and thought leader.  Again, thank you Simon Sinek for the inspiring me in this direction.

My first step is to put a thoughtful focus on the “why” early on in my presentations and conversations.  I can be more effective as a Customer Experience leader if I can walk in the shoes of my audience.  It’s a no brainer as a leader and change agent, so this year I want to enhance my leadership and presentation approach with understanding and the presenting the “why”.

With this theme of exploring the “why”, I am also going to find my “why”.  Again, inspired by Simon Sinek, I need to spend some time looking inward to understand:

  • Why do I do what I do?
  • Why do I enjoy what I do?
  • Why am I passionate about what I do?

Innovation excites me. Change energizes me.  Root cause is a mystery I have to solve.  WHY?

  • I like to shake up the status quo – Why?
  • I don’t like to settle for mediocrity – Why?
  • I hate complacency and processes that perpetuate institutions – Why?

Why is this important to me?  If I know my why, I can share it with my audience as part of my leadership brand and use it to innovate for the future and facilitate change.  End result?  Better products, services and relationships both professional and personal.

Follow me on my journey as I peel back the layers of who I am to discover “why” I am and what happens as a result.  Subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JimBassCX.

This year I am resolving to improve 5 specific areas of my leadership approach and skills.  Be on the lookout for additional blog posts on these 5 resolutions:

  • Start with the Why:  Show the “why” early in my conversations and presentations; Discover my “why”.
  • Listen More: Be the last to speak in meetings
  • Leverage My Brand More Broadly: Speak My Brand at Least Once A Day
  • Be More Creative  with Social Posts and Blogs
  • Ask for Help: Work Out Loud



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