Six Secrets To Winning Employee Buy-In For Customer Experience Initiatives (or any other improvement program or project)

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The #1 way to win buy-in for any improvement initiative is to invite employees to share their insights and knowledge about the customer and the business .

How do you unlock this power? Watch this short YouTube video which shows you how to use the six secrets listed below the embedded video link.

In this 10-minute video blog I share several leadership techniques and strategies to help CX leaders collect VOE and answer these common questions.

  • “How do I get my employees to share their insights?”
  • “How do I get Voice of the Employee?”
  • “How do I use VOE to impact sustainable change?”

After laying that foundation, I share the 6 secrets in easy-to-remember steps or actions which help CX leaders:

  • Use VOE collection activities as a way to gain buy-in on improvement projects and programs
  • Improve leadership skills and leadership brand
  • Build trust, collaboration and respect among the team
  • Transform organizational culture

I hope there is something helpful for you or your clients and colleagues in this video blog .



Use Your Millennial Mindset

Let Them Discover The Problem

Let Them Decide On The Solution

Let Them Define Success

Let Them Choose The Reward

You Promote Their Ideas And Successes

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  1. salesexcellence said:

    Thank you! I would like to consider this as one of our ‘guest blogs’ with full attribution? Would you be OK with that?

    Do you have a transcript of this by the way? I suspect you do. Better for google search….


    Carlos Quintero

    Sales Effectiveness, Inc.

    570 W Crossville Rd – Suite 103

    Roswell, GA 30075

    864-349-1032 Greenville SC office


    770-842-8744 cell

    Description: SEILOGOforemail2


    • Jim Bass said:

      Hi Carlos – yes, I am open for guest blogging. I have a transcript. How do you suggest I use it?


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