5 Ways Voice of the Employee Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your CX Initiative

Employees Are The Voice of Your Customers!

In observance of the worldwide CX Day on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, I want to highlight the important role and the tremendous value that employees bring to every customer experience initiative.  The insights and buy-in from the customer-facing roles are the keys to the success of all CX initiatives and CX improvements.

Employees are the foundation of all successful Customer Experience programs and strategies.

The short YouTube video below highlights 5 ways that employee insights are a critical component to your customer experience strategy. They can:

  1. Jump Start Your Voice of the Customer Program
  2. Define the Structure and Goals of Your Voice of the Customer Program
  3. Maximize Customer Insights
  4. Transform Culture to Customer-Centricity
  5. Save Time and Money


We must listen to our employees just like we listen to our customers… and take action!

How are you capturing Voice of the Employee?  Do you have any success stories to share?  Let me know.  Together we can raise the quality bar and improve how CX is delivered across all industries.

Join me on this customer experience improvement journey by subscribing to my YouTube Channel “CX Fundamentals” and my WordPress blog “Designing The Difference“.

Happy Customer Experience Day! http://www.cxday.org

Images by http://www.dollarphotoclub.com

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